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The Vices and Virtues of Superfoods

From wine and muffins in the early 20th century to quinoa and coconut water today, superfoods are not so much about what people like to eat, but rather a reflection of our current vices and…

Destination Unknown

Deprivation of the senses does not seem like something I would previously have referred to as ‘my cup of tea’, but then again, who needs all the senses, all the time? In fact, they are…

Travel State of Mind

Digging my toes into the mixture of shining white and glittering black sand, all that echoed through my mind was a resounding “Aaaaah…” No emails to check, no bosses to answer to, no…

Build-Your-Own Urban Spiritual Retreat in Los Angeles

Palm trees towering above streets lined with sprawling 20 million dollar mansions, slick Hollywood producers throwing parties for forever-young starlets in the Hills, and reality stars…

Surgery for the Soul

Once a shimmering, chimerical facet of the ‘one per cent’ lifestyle, plastic surgery-related tourism has opened the gates for the masses into a new world of physical transformation.

Sodashi — From the Kitchen Bench to a World-Class Skincare Line

Sodashi founder Megan Larsen isn’t one to blow her own trumpet, but she can’t deny the fact that her natural skincare range is fast becoming one of the most sought-after lines in the…

Alex Grey — The Sacred Connections of Nature

Alex Grey, visionary artist and co-founder of the highly anticipated Hudson Valley retreat centre, Entheon, gives insight into the central role of travel and spirituality in his work.

Queenstown — A Song for the Soul

It was April, autumn’s middle child, and already Queenstown’s mountainous cloak was blanketed in snow. It was the perfect weekend to visit.

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