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About Us

Destinations Magazine is a digital travel resource that debuts the best in the written word, photography and video, catering to the adventurous at heart.

Our aim is to inspire people to seek out new adventures and meaningful travel experiences.

Stephen Brown

Andrew Allen, Kelly Phillips Badal, Rowena Bahl, Hermine Banks, Ana Barbono, Tasha Black, Sally Blyth, Zara Bowens, Jessie Broad, Dev Capey, Scarlett Cook, Jacqueline Dickson, Nicole Gray, Anna Harding, Michael Hooper, Christina Huntington, Annalee Jones, Dominique van de Klundert, Marianne Kodaira Matthews, Mike O’Connor, Lauren Owens, Thomas Seear-Budd, Chloe Skeggs, Jemma Smith, Justine Tyerman, Joe Udell, Tim Wakely, Nick Walton, Aleksandra Winters, Tony Woods.

Tanveer Badal, Andrea Boccini, Clint Burkinshaw, Amos Chappel, Matt Crawford, Johnathan Cyr, Joshua Davenport, Nico DeBarmore, Dan Dinu, Stephen Emerson, Christian Fletcher, Brian Furbush, Adrian Hodge, Mike Hollman, Henrik Knusden, Grega Kapun, David Lazar, Kurt McManus, Mario Moreno, Thai Neave, Aaron Oaks, David Oliete, Robert Postma, Jason Round, Saret Son, Paul Souders, Deven Stross, Scott Stulberg, Dickson Teo, Amna A. Al – Thani, Stephan Vorster, Bill Winters, Laurent Zylberman.

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