Islands On Our Mind

Escaping to oases of tranquility & luxury.

Where Paradise Meets Luxury: Layana Resort & Spa

When the driver of our clattering tuk-tuk turned into the lush gardens that herald the entrance of Layana Resort & Spa, I felt as if I was stepping into a world entirely removed from…

Yakushima: Japan’s Unknown Island

Just a short boat ride from urban Japan is a peaceful island of captivating natural beauty; most visitors simply haven’t discovered it yet.

A Very Kiwi South Island Road Trip 

Driving along the magnificent stretches of New Zealand’s South Island highway between Christchurch and Central Otago without a care in the world, the sun streaming down from the bleached…

Norfolk Island: A Small Wonder in the Pacific

My morning stroll takes me past old ruins, pine trees and tranquil turquoise waters. In town I browse Irish linen, Venetian glass and English china, buying goods with unhurried pleasure. No…

The Four Kings of the East: Diving Raja Ampat

I first heard of Raja Ampat from a diving buddy of mine. It was one of those destinations whispered about by avid scuba divers over a few cold beers, its mention so often followed by a…

Ratua Private Island: Redefining Luxury

The gypsies of the sand have come out to dance on our private beach, right on cue with the setting sun. The lighting is sensational, with hues of rouge, the stage full of movement and the…

Le Méridien Île des Pins and the Sheraton Deva Resort & Spa

In the 1980s and early 90s, Club Med’s Chateau Royal ruled over Anse Vata Beach and introduced a generation of holiday-makers to the delights of France’s only remaining outpost of its…

Tea and Tourism: Sri Lanka’s Boutique Hotels Make an Old World New

The years have not been entirely kind to Sri Lanka. The uprising of the Tamil Tigers, the closing of rail lines, the devastation of the Boxing Day Tsunami. Tourists could fairly have…

An Island Crossroads: The Cosmopolitan Charm of Zanzibar

Dust in the air, the sky hazy, we wend our way through semi-chaotic traffic on the outskirts of Zanzibar City, towards the bumpy highway cutting across the island. Cows share the road, fish…

A Romantic Rendezvous

From Croatia to Quebec and down to The Bahamas, we visit destinations ripped straight from the pages of a romance novel.

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