Cruise Journals

Journeys across the 70 per cent of the globe that is immersed in water.

A Snapshot of Bar Harbor, Maine

A sharp gust of wind pierced my body as I boarded the first tender of the day ferrying passengers from our cruise ship to the pier at Bar Harbor. After days of unseasonably-warm autumn…

Where the Desert meets the Sea

The desert began at the edge of the ocean.

Endless Voyage: Aboard The World Residences at Sea

On January 28, 2017 a world record was broken. The World Residences at Sea — the globe’s largest private residential yacht — travelled the furthest south of any ship in…

Eastern Greenland and the Sound of Silence

When I booked myself on an expedition to eastern Greenland, I had no idea what I had let myself in for, other than pure adventure and a chance to fulfil my dream of photographing icebergs. …

Stopover in the Sounds of Khasab

As we wind along the Khasab coastal road, we pass an oasis of palm groves and villages where man-made stone walls complement the layers of rock, before pulling to an abrupt stop. Having been…

Setting Sail in Abel Tasman National Park

This January, whilst New Zealand was being attacked by unseasonable wild storms, four intrepid travellers decided to take to the sea. Fortunately, the voyage was along the north coast of the…

Journey Across the Top of the World

With a plodding movement that’s lumbering and elegant all at once, the polar bear traces its way down a finger of partially submerged land, its nose in the air, the late afternoon light…

The Pacific’s Last Frontier: Papua New Guinea

With a cheer from the crowd surrounding a hut nearly buried in palm fronds — a precaution against the prying eyes of the village's women — the dragon charges drunkenly into the sunlight…

History of a Legend: Cruising the Philippines

In June 2017, the most travelled ship of the Royal Caribbean fleet changes her name and starts a new life. On a trip from Hong Kong to Singapore, Michael Hooper discovers what makes a…

Dalliance with the Danube: Cruising Eastern Europe

The sun was setting in a golden blaze over the Danube as the MS Beethoven slipped smoothly into the Gabcikovo Lock in

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