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There’s More to Sonoma County Than Vineyards and Food

Located approximately 45 minutes north of San Francisco, Sonoma County is one of California’s prime food and wine destinations, boasting hundreds of award-winning wineries and restaurants…

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48 Hours in Malibu

Less than an hour’s drive from Downtown Los Angeles the scenic beachside city of Malibu stretches for 34 kilometres along the stunning Pacific Coast Highway.

Snapshot of Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sightseeing by motor coach has never been my thing. So, with a sense of trepidation, I boarded a bus crammed with tourists setting off on a one-day tour of the stunning coastline…

Young Photographers Series: Max Templeton – United States of America

Destinations Magazine’s Young Photographers Series gives teenage travel photographers from around the world an opportunity to share their creative work. …

Where the Desert meets the Sea

The desert began at the edge of the ocean.

Eastern Greenland and the Sound of Silence

When I booked myself on an expedition to eastern Greenland, I had no idea what I had let myself in for, other than pure adventure and a chance to fulfil my dream of photographing icebergs. …

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Finding the Unbeaten Path in Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is one of the most incredible countries on earth — a lush, tropical paradise overflowing with biodiversity and outdoor adventures.

Journey Across the Top of the World

With a plodding movement that’s lumbering and elegant all at once, the polar bear traces its way down a finger of partially submerged land, its nose in the air, the late afternoon light…

Art and Cuisine in Mexico City

Mexico City is a study in diversity and contrast. From the enduring enclaves of Chapultepec, Coyoacan and the Centro Historico to the hip neighbourhoods of Condesa, Roma and Polanco, nods to…

On the Trail: Central and Southern Oregon

Here at Destinations Magazine, we’re conscious that places aren’t experienced in isolation: it’s about the journey, too. In the third of a four-part series exploring the state…

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