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Young Photographers Series: Max Templeton – United States of America

Destinations Magazine’s Young Photographers Series gives teenage travel photographers from around the world an opportunity to share their creative work.

Max Templeton is a 14-year-old travel photographer and blogger who was born and raised in New Zealand and now lives in Seattle, USA. Here, he shares a collection of his images of from the USA.

Published November 21, 2017

Country: United States Of America


Words and Photography by Max Templeton

Three men walking towards camera across a multicolour-lined carpet, USA
The rainbow crosswalk epitomises the vibrant spirit and LGBT pride of the Castro district of San Francisco.
Dark, gloomy clouds over a grey city, New York, USA
In my opinion, the Rockefeller Center offers the most impressive view over New York City, with the Empire State Building standing proud in the centre.
Endless sand stretching into the distance under a blue sky, USA
The expansive, rolling sand dunes of Pismo Beach always make me stare in wonder. This is one of my favourite places to visit in California.
Lighted up tall, slim tower dominating a city skyline at night, Seattle, USA
The Seattle skyline featuring the iconic Space Needle. This shot was taken from Kerry Park on a cold winter’s evening.
View into an orange-tinted canyon withcarved out rock formations and a river running through them, Utah
Canyonlands National Park, one of the Utah’s lesser known attractions, offers some of the most spectacular views I have ever seen. The dramatic rock formations have been carved out by the Colorado River and its tributaries over many centuries.
A lit-up bridge spanning a harbour at night, USA
Baker Beach in San Francisco is a windy but beautiful spot to take in views of wildlife, sunsets and the majestic Golden Gate Bridge.
Black and white image of two large rocks jutting out on a beach, USA
Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach, Oregon: in summer, it is green and filled with life; in winter, it is barren and beautiful, as captured here.
View through trees to people on a beach with rocks in the sea, USA
Ruby Beach on the Washington State coastline gets its name from the ruby-like crystals found in the sand. Like virtually all beaches on the northern coast, it is characterised by the vast amount of driftwood deposited on the beach.
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