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A Week in Croatia: The Dalmatian Coast

Over the past decade, Croatia has become one of Europe’s most popular destinations. A country of outstanding beauty, rich history and friendly people, Croatia is surprisingly diverse with…

Young Photographers Series: Valerie Wojo — Europe

Destinations Magazine’s Young Photographers Series gives young travel photographers from around the world an opportunity to share their creative work. …

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Transylvania: A Guide to Braşov, Romania

Sitting in the centre of Romania’s Transylvania region, the medieval town of Braşov is encircled by the Carpathian Mountains, an area synonymous with Bram Stoker’s Dracula. …

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The Greek Islands: Dodecanese and Northeast Aegean

The Greek Archipelago is a unique phenomenon of Greece’s morphology and the European continent.

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The Greek Islands: Cyclades and Ionian

The spirit of the Greek Archipelago is unequalled: sun-kissed beaches with crystalline waters, mountainous villages with traditional character, distinct cultural and archaeological monuments…

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Walking the Samaria Gorge in Crete

Known locally as Farangas or Great Gorge, Samaria Gorge is a 16-kilometre hike that winds through one of the longest and most striking gorges in Europe, within Crete’s only…

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48 Hours in Budapest

Hungary’s capital and most populous city, Budapest’s rich history, Gothic architecture, and 12th-century thermal baths make it one of Eastern Europe’s most interesting cities. The city…

Montreux Jazz Festival

What began in the 1970s as a ploy to bring more visitors to a small town in the Swiss Alps has grown to become the world’s second largest annual jazz festival, behind the Montreal Jazz…

Albania Heritage by Bicycle

Discover this fascinating off-the-beaten-track destination from the saddle as we ride from buzzing Tirana over mountains, past lakes and quaint villages, through deep gorges to the beautiful…

‘Dolce Vita’ Italian Lakes District Adventure

Explore both the iconic and lesser known areas of Northern Italy and experience an espresso blend of Italian glaciers, meadows, forests, lakes and villages, without forgoing any of the finer…

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