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Young Photographers Series: Valerie Wojo — Europe

Destinations Magazine’s Young Photographers Series gives young travel photographers from around the world an opportunity to share their creative work.

Valerie Wojo is a 20-year-old undergraduate photography student based in Michigan, USA. Here, she shares a collection of images from Greece, Italy and France.

Published January 15, 2018

Country: Italy

Country: France

Country: Greece


Words and Photography by Valerie Wojo

Cuboid buildings set against a rocky hillside lighted up at dusk, Santorini, Cyclades Islands, Greece
Beautiful Santorini lights up for the evening, Cyclades Islands, Greece.
A donkey with a colourful saddle standing on whitewash-walled steps and peering at photographer, Greece
An unexpected visitor poses for the camera in Santorini, Greece.
Two sailboats, sails down, silhouetted against a dark sea and orange tinted sky in Santorini, Greece
An ordinary sunset in an extraordinary place, Santorini, Greece.
A town with multi-coloured buildings perched on a cliff with people swimming in the sea, Cinque Terre, Italy
A two-hour hike brought me to this spectacular view of Manarola, the second-smallest of the five towns in Cinque Terre, Italy.
A gondola with passenger rowing through a narrow canal between colourful buildings, Venice, Italy
Gliding through the colourful and historic canals of Venice, Italy.
A small boy seated cross-legged staring into camera in front of a carved stone wall, Paris
Captivating as the Louvre Museum is to most, sometimes one needs a break right then and there, Paris, France.
View from a mountain peak onto a town in the valley, France
Looking down from Le Brévent onto Chamonix, a small, quaint town nuzzled in the French Alps.
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