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Playing Polo in Dubai

And we’re off. The reins in my left hand and the mallet swung over my right shoulder, we canter towards the pulu (ball). I half rise in the saddle, my eyes on the two tall metal…

Istanbul: Finding Peace Among the Chaos

As my taxi approached the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul, I felt a distinct pull in my chest — was this still the same city that had served for centuries as a magical meeting place of…

Surgery for the Soul

Once a shimmering, chimerical facet of the ‘one per cent’ lifestyle, plastic surgery-related tourism has opened the gates for the masses into a new world of physical transformation.

Divine Destinations

Our history is woven with the clash and concord of religions which originated and are celebrated in various sacred locations across the globe. …

Into the Light: Myanmar’s Chindwin River Cruise

The laughter of the children echoes across the rice paddy fields and off a surrounding amphitheatre of limestone cliffs, as if a pint-sized army was on the move. Their little heads…

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