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A Kiwi Camps Out in Mongolia

It could be any glaciated backcountry landscape, but it reminds me most of the western Mackenzie Basin in New Zealand. It’s the sort of view freedom campers enjoy as they van their way…

To Cappadocia with the Locals

It wasn’t until I boarded the bus that would take me all the way from Bodrum on the Aegean Sea to Aksaray in the heart of Cappadocia, that I learned of the extraordinary company I would…

Ecotourism in the Mountains of Timor-Leste

The mist appears within half an hour of leaving Dili, drifting in and engulfing the trees as our car climbs the hills that flank the capital of Timor-Leste. For a small island, Timor-Leste…

Exploring Indonesia

Stepping foot in Indonesia for the first time, photographer Ricky Kresslein was surprised by the organized chaos. He soon found that sprinkled within the chaos of the cities and daily life…

Paying Homage in Palangan, Iran

A few years ago while scrolling through The Guardian newspaper I stumbled across

Japan: A Study in Colour.

I recently spent two months travelling around Japan, the land of the rising sun. It is an experience I will never forget. I could wander Tokyo for an eternity and still find new areas to…

Niseko — A Japanese Idyll

A ski holiday in Japan is exotic, exclusive and intriguing. If one was to take the best elements of skiing from around the world, add an oriental flavour and a measure of perfection, then…

Exploring the Wilds of Malaysian Borneo

Although we’re a family that loves to travel, it can be difficult to pinpoint a destination that will appeal equally to everyone. Especially as I love to scuba dive, my husband likes to…

Travel Guides
Tokyo: City Guide

Tokyo is a captivating city that will pick visitors up, whirl them round, and leave them starry-eyed and wondering how soon they can return. This city guide will be a helpful tool for…

Where Paradise Meets Luxury: Layana Resort & Spa

When the driver of our clattering tuk-tuk turned into the lush gardens that herald the entrance of Layana Resort & Spa, I felt as if I was stepping into a world entirely removed from…

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