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Paying Homage in Palangan, Iran

A few years ago while scrolling through The Guardian newspaper I stumbled across

Japan: A Study in Colour.

I recently spent two months travelling around Japan, the land of the rising sun. It is an experience I will never forget. I could wander Tokyo for an eternity and still find new areas to…

Niseko — A Japanese Idyll

A ski holiday in Japan is exotic, exclusive and intriguing. If one was to take the best elements of skiing from around the world, add an oriental flavour and a measure of perfection, then…

Exploring the Wilds of Malaysian Borneo

Although we’re a family that loves to travel, it can be difficult to pinpoint a destination that will appeal equally to everyone. Especially as I love to scuba dive, my husband likes to…

Travel Guides
Tokyo: City Guide

Tokyo is a captivating city that will pick visitors up, whirl them round, and leave them starry-eyed and wondering how soon they can return. This city guide will be a helpful tool for…

Where Paradise Meets Luxury: Layana Resort & Spa

When the driver of our clattering tuk-tuk turned into the lush gardens that herald the entrance of Layana Resort & Spa, I felt as if I was stepping into a world entirely removed from…

Travel Guides
Thailand in 16 Days: A First Time Visitor’s Itinerary

Thailand offers a unique mix of major cities, temperate mountainous escapes, and idyllic islands. In 16 days, a new visitor can taste a little of each piece of the country.

Bhutan: Himalayan Harmony

Emerging from the pint-sized terminal at Paro, Bhutan’s sole international airport, new arrivals are greeted by dazzling sun, crisp mountain air, and, most invitingly, a wave of genuine…

Yakushima: Japan’s Unknown Island

Just a short boat ride from urban Japan is a peaceful island of captivating natural beauty; most visitors simply haven’t discovered it yet.

Myanmar: A Luminous Journey

Travelling with an ambition to explore and learn more about the Myanmar culture and that of various ethnic groups, photographer David Lazar was overwhelmed by the friendliness and…

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