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Exploring Indonesia

Stepping foot in Indonesia for the first time, photographer Ricky Kresslein was surprised by the organized chaos. He soon found that sprinkled within the chaos of the cities and daily life were some of the most beautiful scenes on earth. Indonesia is home to dozens of active volcanoes, incredible white-sand beaches, temples, and orangutans.

Published March 9, 2018

Country: Indonesia


Words and Photography by Ricky Kresslein

Huge bell-shaped structures with a seated Buddha in one of them, Indonesia
Borobudur is a temple and UNESCO World Heritage site in central Java, Indonesia. The iconic bells each contain a sitting Buddha. The setting sun lights up the sky as the Buddha looks outward.
Looking down towards a smoke-spewing volcano, Indonesia
Mt Bromo is an active volcano on the island of Java. In 2015 its activity level started to rise, stirring fear and curiosity as to when it may erupt again. Here you can see the smoke rising from the crater at sunrise.
Crumbling ruins of a temple in Indonesia
The ancient Prambanan Temple is one of the biggest attractions in Yogyakarta, a city in the center of Java, Indonesia. Its stone architecture, some of which has crumbled and lies stacked around the temple, provides a glimpse into the history of Indonesia.
A huge rock in the sea with a tunnel through it, Indonesia
A sea tunnel at Atuh Beach on the island of Nusa Penida, a hidden gem off the coast of Bali. Visit this beach soon to see the tunnel intact. It looks like it could collapse in our lifetime.
Close-up of a male orang utan's face, Sumatra, Indonesia
It was surprisingly easy to get within a few feet of an orangutan in Sumatra. This wild, male orangutan was curious to see what all the human tourists were doing in the forest, and he came down from the trees to check on us.
A concrete-tiled pathway lined by grassy banks stretching into the distance, Indonesia
The Campuhan Ridge walk is one of the most popular activities in Ubud, Bali. The beautiful walk over the mountain’s ridge ends at a rice paddy and cafe where the tired hiker can get a coffee and watch the sun set over the ridge.
A view across several rice paddy fields, Indonesia
At the end of the Campuhan Ridge walk, hikers can take a stroll through this rice terrace and watch the farmers plant or harvest their crops.
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