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Haiti: Capturing Creativity
Haiti | Far Pavilions
Haiti: Capturing Creativity

Along with Cuba, Haiti was once the jewel of the Caribbean, the envy of its less sophisticated neighbours.

Bondi Beach and the Body Beautiful
Sydney, Australia | The Health & Wellness Clinic
Bondi Beach and the Body Beautiful

The sadist on the beach seems to have strange power over the slight figure crouching submissively in front of him in the pre-dawn light. He performs an exercise and his disciple frantically…

North America | Feb 23–26, 2017
Envision Festival

On a mission to celebrate our human potential, Envision is a festival that inspires different cultures to co-exist harmoniously with each other, and with nature. The event brings people…

Melbourne, Australia | Jan 16–29, 2017
Australian Open

Held across three sites at Garden Square inside Melbourne Park, the Australian Open in late January marks the start of the tennis Grand Slam calendar. Alongside the French Open, US Open and…

Visiting the Islands of the South Pacific
Visiting the Islands of the South Pacific

The essence of the South Pacific is simple: idyllic atolls and white-sand beaches lined by palm trees, razor sharp mountain peaks rising out of azure waters, and lazy days by the sea.

Rustic Luxury: <br>Glamping in Australia
Rustic Luxury:
Glamping in Australia

The mid 2000s saw the emergence of two ingenious new travel terms: staycation – the joy of holidaying in your homeland – and glamping – a clever portmanteau combining ‘glamorous’ and…

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