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Acropolis Now: Athens
Athens, Greece | Far Pavilions
Acropolis Now: Athens

More than one person said to me when I confessed a desire to visit the Greek capital, “Oh, don't bother with Athens; skip it and head straight for the Greek islands.” And miss the…

On the Trail: Central and Southern Oregon
United States Of America | Epicurean Traveller
On the Trail: Central and Southern Oregon

Here at Destinations Magazine, we’re conscious that places aren’t experienced in isolation: it’s about the journey, too. In the third of a four-part series exploring the state…

Oshkosh, United States Of America | Jul 24–30, 2017
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

Whether flying in or driving to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, visitors quickly become aware that they are taking part in the world’s greatest aviation celebration: seven days of aerobatic…

Monaco | May 25–28, 2017
Monaco F1 Grand Prix

The precious principality of Monaco on the Cote d’Azur plays glittering host to one of the more glamourous legs of the Formula 1 Race each year. For four days in May, the eyes of the world…

Rustic Luxury: <br>Glamping in Australia
Rustic Luxury:
Glamping in Australia

The mid 2000s saw the emergence of two ingenious new travel terms: staycation – the joy of holidaying in your homeland – and glamping – a clever portmanteau combining ‘glamorous’ and…

Going on Safari in East Africa
Kenya | Tanzania | Uganda
Going on Safari in East Africa

It’s been over a century since the first Europeans flocked to Africa to undertake the trip of a lifetime. Safari, a Swahili word meaning ‘long journey’, is now part of everyday Western…

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