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Playing the Game in Kowloon, Hong Kong

The taxi eats through the Kowloon traffic like Pac-Man. It weaves in and out of the busy streets, surrounded on all sides by endless rows of stained, ramshackle residential buildings,…

Tokyo: Programmed for Efficiency

The salaryman is slumped asleep on the train, oblivious to everything — maybe even his own station of disembarkation — doomed to ride to the end of the line. But no, his clockwork…

Lisbon: Exploring the City of Explorers

All great cities have a legend or two. Some weave their marketing motif around them. Mythical figures and tall tales are claimed and even fought over when it comes to setting one centre of…

Unlikely Neighbours: Sydney’s Kings Cross and Potts Point

The usual surfie suspects get on the Eastern Suburbs line from Sydney’s Circular Quay station: blonde dudes with orange, glowing skin, and a quiet, dreadlocked guy in the corner, steadying…

No Such Thing as a Grey Day in Rio

A trip to Rio de Janeiro reveals a blend of iconic sites and vibrant culture that make it a marvellous city, rain or shine.

From the Rooftops to the Streets: Culture and Cuisine in Melbourne

Encompassing fine dining, international cuisine and the humble meat pie, Melbourne’s culinary scene reflects the city’s rich culture.

Vladimir — Russia

The work of medieval stone masons provides visual delight while sightseeing in Vladimir, Russia...

Astana — Kazakhstan

Astana’s urban architecture mirrors the past — and reflects the future…

United Arab Emirates — Summer

Take an intriguing look at the United Arab Emirates as it turns up the heat for summer…

Turkey — From Istanbul to Cappadocia

From Istanbul to Cappadocia, feast the eye on the tapestry of life in Turkey…

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