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Colours of Vietnam

As one of the most culturally fascinating and magnificently photogenic nations on earth, Vietnam exemplifies its greatness through the colourful extremes of its people and landscape. It is a country defined by the diversity of its land and the generosity of its people. Here, photographer David Lazar shows us the vibrant street culture of Hanoi, the savoury flavours of traditional Vietnamese cuisine and the stunning beauty of Halong Bay.

Published November 8, 2016 | Featured in

Country: Vietnam

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Photos by David Lazar

Dreamy shot of a fishing boat on still water surrounded by limestone islands
Rising out of the water in Halong Bay are thousands of small islands made of limestone that are covered in thick jungle vegetation. The fishermen who live in the floating villages of this region sell their seafood all over Vietnam.
Three girls in traditional clothing gaze out towards mountains and rice terraces
Three village girls from a hill tribe in Sapa look out over their world of mountains and rice terraces.
A fisherman and his nets silhouetted against the morning sky, Hue, Vietnam
A fisherman in Hue on the water at sunrise working with large, Chinese fishing nets.
Looking down at motorbike riders on a rainy street in Hanoi
A busy street scene in Hanoi on a rainy morning.
Girl dressed in red peering round a door, Saigon
Portrait of a lady in red in Saigon.
Line of women carrying baskets of salt balanced off a pole on their shoulders
Salt harvesters of Hon Khoi. These ladies normally start work at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, finishing by 9.
An old couple laughingly hold hands while sitting in their garden
A loving couple in Hoi An share a moment of joy and happiness together in their garden as the sun sets. At the time of photography, they have been married for 66 years.
Aerial view of a local woman cooking in her small boat with utensils and food around her
Vietnamese style cooking on a boat in the Mekong Delta, Southern Vietnam.
A novice monk in orange robes stands by the blue doors of a Khmer monastery in the south of Vietnam, near the Cambodian border
Portrait of a novice monk at a Khmer monastery in the south of Vietnam, near the Cambodian border.
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