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Myanmar: A Luminous Journey

Travelling with an ambition to explore and learn more about the Myanmar culture and that of various ethnic groups, photographer David Lazar was overwhelmed by the friendliness and…

Oahu: The Path Less Travelled

Oahu is a Hawaiian island of many flavours. Spend a day circumnavigating the island and you will have experienced several different environments and ecosystems. Most travellers spend their…

The Last Vestiges of Tradition: Mongolia

One might presume that images similar to the ones here are to be found everywhere in Mongolia but they’re not; it should be noted that the country is rapidly changing. While several…

The Dusty and Vibrant Contrasts of India

The contrast between the dusty and the vibrant is captured in a vivid visual exploration of India, a melting pot for traditional culture and modern experiences. A country that is truly…

Colours of Vietnam

As one of the most culturally fascinating and magnificently photogenic nations on earth, Vietnam exemplifies its greatness through the colourful extremes of its people and landscape. It is a…

Circus Around the World

The story of circus began in England nearly 250 years ago and has since made its way around the globe – drawing inspiration from our cultures, landscapes, people and wildlife. We take a…

An Awakening in Arizona

We journey through the sacred land of Sedona — a place that is believed to have the power to awaken one's true dreams and yearnings — to the depths of Antelope Canyon in Lake Powell…

Stellar Synthesis: Stargazing Sites

From natural sites in Sweden, China and the USA to observatories in Chile, Hawai’i and Spain, we set our sights on the world’s best stargazing destinations and put together an essential…

Wide Wild World

From deserts and tundra to cliffs and glaciers, rainforest and woodlands, we visit the wildest landscapes around the globe.

Buenos Aires: Twists, Turns and Tango

Argentine tango is famous for being one of the most evocative and passionate dances in the world. Synonymous with tango is the city of Buenos Aires; the heart, soul and birthplace of the…

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