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Love International Festival

Event date: July 3–10, 2019

Location: Tisno, Country: Croatia


Crowd dancing in the lighted up beach bar at night
Photo by Khris Cowley

This one’s for the partygoers. Formally known as Garden Festival, Love International is high on the summer agenda for music lovers and sun seekers worldwide. Held at The Garden in Tisno, Croatia, attendees are treated to expansive views of the Adriatic and a peaceful village in the background.

Found halfway between Zadar and Split, the setting is a natural amphitheatre that slopes down into a private sandy bay. From here, it’s just a short amble to the old town of Tisno, while the island of Murter is easily accessible by bridge.

Come for the beach dance parties, frequent dips in the ocean and the opportunity to dance under the stars in the magical arena that is Barbarella’s Discotheque. For those who wish to get truly nautical, Love International hosts a series of infamous soirees on two festival boats, the Argonaughty and the Abiana.

The accommodation options prove just as inspired as the party areas. There is an apartment village built up on the hills overlooking the bay, air streams are for rent, groups can book onto one of the yachts moored in the bay or luxury camp in Shikar tents on the surrounding hills.

When it comes to both temperature and party appeal, Croatia comes out on top, and the country’s summer season is frequently referred to as an alternative to Ibiza madness.


  • Hop on the 40-person Tisno Party Train. It runs a loop, day and night, between the festival entrance and town centre.
  • Book on-site apartments early as they sell out fast. Don’t forget to bring beach towels.
  • Water taxis are available for transport to and from Tisno and nearby towns — these are quick and affordable and a far sight more fun than the land-based alternatives.
  • Pack for an average of 25.4° Celsius. A festival-friendly assortment of bikinis, kaftans, boardshorts and tees is what you’ll need.
  • Take a day trip to Split via the coastal road. The views are magnificent. Better yet, take a longer journey post-festival to the fortified town of Dubrovnik by either boat or car.

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Girl floating in the sea on a yellow lilo with a yacht behind her
Man with sunglasses on The Argonaughty boat
Two girls dancing in the surf at Tisno
Trio of girls at the beach with the scene reflecting in one of their sunglasses
Crowd with arms raised dancing in the Beach Bar at the Love Festival
Crowd dancing in a blaze of light at the Love International festival, Tisno
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