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Destination: Croatia

  • Travelling there: Fly into Zagreb International Airport (ZAG) or Dubrovnik International Airport (DBV) via several European cities. There are no nonstop flights from North America to Croatia. Overland travel is possible through Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. There are also regular ferries that connect Croatia with Italy.
  • Capital city: Zagreb.
  • Population: 4.227 million.
  • Religion: Predominantly Roman Catholic.
  • Language: Croatian.
  • Currency: Croatian kuna (HRK).
  • Climate: The coast has a typical Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters. Areas further inland experience a continental climate with warm summers and cold winters.
  • Transport: Use the comprehensive coach network to connect to all parts of the country, explore the beautiful coastlines on a ferry or a yacht and access hundreds of islands, catch a train to all major cities except Dubrovnik, take a plane between endpoints or simply hire a car to travel at leisure.
  • Best time to travel: Visit coastal areas in July and August as these months offer the hottest temperatures. It is also the high season with bustling cafes and busy beaches. For those after a little more peace and quiet, May, June and September will be less crowded and have more bearable temperatures.
  • What to wear: Casual is acceptable in most scenarios. Be wary of the summer months — they are very hot, and lightweight natural fabrics are best. Take a warm waterproof jacket for the cooler months as they are also the wettest months. If dining out, smart casual should pass muster.
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