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Golden Plains

Event date: March 9–11, 2019

Location: Meredith, Country: Australia

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Photos by Golden Plains

Woman with raised hands facing the Golden Plains festival stage in the distance

A magic setup and a refreshing lack of commercial branding defines the Golden Plains experience. The small music festival takes place in March each year, at the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre, 90 kilometres due west of Melbourne. Golden Plains, as its organisers proudly attest, is a festival for “seekers rather than attention seekers”, kicking off outside the main summer festival circuit. Camp wherever, bring almost everything and anything in and enjoy a long weekend in Australian bushlands.

The great outdoors and an eclectic schedule of folk, rock and funk acts come together in the natural amphitheatre, or ‘The Sup’ as it’s affectionately named. Nestled in a grove of giant ghost gum trees, there’s lots of space for all to spread out in. The music acts are easily seen and heard from all parts of the bowl.


  • A few days before the festival, download the Little Golden Booklet from Golden Plains’ website. It contains all the essential information, from maps, directions and campground layout to playing times, rules and hours of operation.
  • Look out for some of the attendee initiated traditions that take place every year, such as The Boot, where the crowd ‘salutes’ their favourite performance of the festival by holding one of their shoes/boots/footwear of choice aloft.
  • There’s a self-policed No Dickheads Policy which has been around since the 90s and works well.
  • There is a BYO policy here and no market stalls, so bring everything one may need, in. Golden Plains has a good ‘What To Bring’ page on their website.

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Female artiste playing the guitar on stage to a large audience in front of her at the Golden Plains Festival, Australia
Girl wit a floral headband playing the guitar and singing on stage, Golden Plains, Australia
Artiste performing on stage to a large crowd in a field, Golden Plains, Australia
Man dressed as a cop singing with people dressed as workmen and a Red Indian performing behind him, Golden Plains, Australia
A rock band dressed in white performing on a purple lighted stage, Golden Plains, Australia
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