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Mallorca: Navigating the Terrain

There is something about the terrain that breathes the spirit of a place. Here we were, standing on the side of a road that cuts through the Tramuntana Mountains of Majorca — a drive…

Istanbul: Finding Peace Among the Chaos

As my taxi approached the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul, I felt a distinct pull in my chest — was this still the same city that had served for centuries as a magical meeting place of…

No Such Thing as a Grey Day in Rio

A trip to Rio de Janeiro reveals a blend of iconic sites and vibrant culture that make it a marvellous city, rain or shine.

On Top of the World: Apa Sherpa

Nicknamed ‘Super Sherpa’, Apa currently holds the world record for the highest number of successful summits of Mount Everest, or Sagarmatha to the Nepalese. Although he has summited 21…

The Tea of Life in Ecuador

A small group sits around Silverio Mamallacta. Just before the sun breaches the horizon, his family gathers along a fog-shrouded river in the upper reaches of the Amazon jungle in Ecuador.…

Where Paradise Meets Luxury: Layana Resort & Spa

When the driver of our clattering tuk-tuk turned into the lush gardens that herald the entrance of Layana Resort & Spa, I felt as if I was stepping into a world entirely removed from…

About Us

About Us Destinations Magazine is a digital travel resource that debuts the best in the written word, photography and video, catering to the adventurous at heart. Our aim is to inspire…

Where the Gods Play

There have been, and will be again, many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes; the greatest have been brought about by the agencies of fire and water – Plato

An Awakening in Arizona

We journey through the sacred land of Sedona — a place that is believed to have the power to awaken one's true dreams and yearnings — to the depths of Antelope Canyon in Lake Powell…

The Dusty and Vibrant Contrasts of India

The contrast between the dusty and the vibrant is captured in a vivid visual exploration of India, a melting pot for traditional culture and modern experiences. A country that is truly…

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