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Kings of the Road: Route 66

As dusk closed in on the valley around us, I stood with both feet parallel on the centre stripe of a two-lane road that disappeared over the horizon and into California.

Oahu: The Path Less Travelled

Oahu is a Hawaiian island of many flavours. Spend a day circumnavigating the island and you will have experienced several different environments and ecosystems. Most travellers spend their…

LA’s Hidden Creative Hideaways

It may be an infamous mecca of entertainment, yet Los Angeles can be a strangely uninspiring location when it comes to travelling alone. For all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the stark…

On the Trail: Portland, Oregon

Here at Destinations Magazine, we’re conscious that places aren’t experienced in isolation: it’s about the journey, too. In the last of a four-part series exploring the state…

Chris McCandless: An Adventure That Never Died

In today’s world, where constant connectedness is increasingly the norm, it has never been more timely to consider those who have chosen a ‘wilder’, less conventional existence. Those…

Four Seasons LA: A Quick Escape

Having spent the previous night camping in the Mojave Desert before driving into LA, we are more than ready for some comfort, and the

Wide Wild World

From deserts and tundra to cliffs and glaciers, rainforest and woodlands, we visit the wildest landscapes around the globe.

Dark Dining

Stepping into V Lounge in Santa Monica feels like entering any other Westside club. A large, dimly-lit bar looms, surrounded by modern banquettes awash in purple, violet and aqua light meant…

Stay Strong and Live With Passion

The world is at the feet of those who dare – Iceland, Faroe Islands, Canada, Hawaii and beyond…

Wild Alaska

Fly above as whales breach in the icy ocean and watch while bears fish the forest river…

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