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North American International Auto Show

Detroit is indisputably the car capital of America. At the turn of the 20th century, Detroit formed the beating heart of America’s automotive industrial revolution, and launched the…

Jagged Edge: A Glass Rocket Ship Nestled in Queenstown

The visual impact of the Jagged Edge is literally breathtaking. There is a collective gasp when it first comes into view over the crest of the hill, framed by tall conifers. From this…

For the Love of Lingo

What makes us human? The quality that separates us from all other creatures ─ that is irrefutably, uniquely ‘human’ ─ is language. Language is exquisite in its properties and its…

High on Hotels: Innovative Design in the Maldives, Dubai and Sweden

Technology and innovation: two of today’s ultimate mind-bogglers. Over time we have seen extraordinary accomplishments in the hotel industry, those that have pushed boundaries and…

It’s Serious Fun Above the Atmosphere

In some wonderfully candid responses to Destinations’ questions, the knighted king of the skyways outlines his ambitions to greatly expand the boundaries of commercial travel and…

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