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Warbirds over Wanaka

Over Easter, aviation enthusiasts look skyward to marvel at planes performing various loop-the-loops above New Zealand’s Wanaka Airport as part of the biennial air show, Warbirds Over…


“Pure enthusiasm for music from around the world” served as the motivation for the original WOMAD founder Peter Gabriel. From here, World of Music, Arts and Dance festival has grown,…

Ngā Tapuwae: First World War Trails, Belgium

“Shall I wear boots?” asks my boyfriend as we’re packing the car. “Definitely — it’ll be muddy,” I reply. We’re driving towards the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium. It marks the…

Tectonic Tantrums

Over lava fields and into the depths, we profile some of the most spectacular – and spectacularly destructive – volcanoes across the globe.

Opposites Attract: Ski Areas and Hot Springs in the Central Plateau

I am on a chairlift being winched up the side of an active volcano. Under my dangling feet, tiny neon-jacketed figures carve swishing paths through the ski area. To my right, a stream of…

An Inconvenient Bach

‘Bach’ culture in New Zealand represents a pared-back lifestyle where the scenery, tides, and changing weather take centre stage. However, the bach and the lifestyle that comes with it…

Home Is Where the Heart Is

‘Home sweet home’. Once a simple adage that has adorned embroidered cushions, door mats and other domestic decorations for years, it no longer seems like such a straightforward…

The Magnetism of Fiordland

Fiordland is a magnet to me: profoundly nurturing of the restless spirit and deeply satisfying to the eye. So much so, that I find myself drawn back time and again to drink in the majesty of…

On Second Settlements

It is our final dream — to drift away, towards the end of our lives, into the sunshine or solitude of retirement. Now, more than ever before, we are choosing to hang up our boots in…

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