Tag: Dubai

Putting On the Ritz-Carlton

Entering the Ritz-Carlton at Dubai Marina, spaces are vast yet comfortable, with Istana-style carved wood…

United Arab Emirates — Winter

A time-lapse journey through the United Arab Emirates in the cool season…

United Arab Emirates — Summer

Take an intriguing look at the United Arab Emirates as it turns up the heat for summer…

Aerial Love — United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

High on Hotels: Innovative Design in the Maldives, Dubai and Sweden

Technology and innovation: two of today’s ultimate mind-bogglers. Over time we have seen extraordinary accomplishments in the hotel industry, those that have pushed boundaries and…

Playing Polo in Dubai

And we’re off. The reins in my left hand and the mallet swung over my right shoulder, we canter towards the pulu (ball). I half rise in the saddle, my eyes on the two tall metal…

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