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Yakushima: Japan’s Unknown Island

Just a short boat ride from urban Japan is a peaceful island of captivating natural beauty; most visitors simply haven’t discovered it yet.

Complete Nepal with Trekking in Pokhara

This tour is a showcase all of Nepal’s highlights: trekking in the lap of the Himalayas, visiting the birthplace of Lord Buddha, lively historic Kathmandu, peaceful lakeside Pokhara, and…

Cambodia’s Big Three Tour

This tour showcases some of the finest and most famous parts of Cambodia. Beginning with Siem Reap and the ancient history of the temples of Angkor you will move through the countryside…

Peak of Perfection: Bhutan with Gangtey

Much has been written about Bhutan and its claims to being utopia. Find out for yourself what makes this remarkable country so exceptional as you travel through the unspoiled Gangtey valley…

Nepalese Nature at its Best

Witness the world’s most awe-inspiring landscapes as you travel by road and air from the Kathmandu valley up to the sacred temple of Muktinath at 3800 metres via the dreamy lake town of…

Wildlife and Cultural Tour of Nepal

From soaring mountains to dense jungle, this journey is an exhilarating adventure across Nepal, whose wild and rich cultural tapestry will gradually unveil itself as you gaze upon a living…

Family Trip to Nepal

Nepal’s landscapes sometimes seem as if they could only belong in a fairytale picture-book, rather than real life. Take your family into a fantasy world, where goddesses and holy men live…

Purushwadi Village Experience

An authentic experience of the Purushwadi Village in the Ahmednagar District, 220 kilometres from both Mumbai and Pune, including camping, participating in village activities, learning…

Angkor Past and Present

On this carefully curated tour, experience Siem Reap and all its wonders dating back to the 10th century. Begin with the history of Angkor from past to present, gaining insight as to how far…

Journey from Rajasthan to Nepal

Summon your inner Marco Polo on this odyssey from the desert cities of Rajasthan to the soaring peaks of the Himalayas. As you venture through North India and Nepal, experience local…

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