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Travelling thereFly into Mohammed V International (CMN), Casablanca or Marrakesh Menara Airport (RAK) on direct flights from Europe, the Middle East, West Africa and North America. There are several ferry connections into Morocco mostly from Spain and some from France and Italy with a high speed boat service from Gibralter. Enter overland by train from the UK via Spain or France.
Capital cityRabat.
Population34.821 million.
LanguageArabic and Berber.
CurrencyMoroccan dirham (MAD).
ClimateWhile the coastal areas experience a typical Mediterranean climate having mild winters and hot summers; going further inland or southwards, the climate becomes more arid and temperatures more extreme.
TransportIf short on time, there are a number of domestic flights to catch. Trains are an excellent means of transport between cities as they are well linked with high-speed connections on major routes. As for taxis, there is a choice of grand taxis (shared taxis normally minivans) for long distance travel between cities and petit taxis that can only ply within cities.
Best time to travelFor more comfortable temperatures it is best to visit outside of the summer months (June to August); in spring (March to May) when the countryside is particularly lush and great for hiking and autumn (September to November) which has pleasant weather too.
What to wearDressing conservatively, without exposing shoulders and thighs, is the norm for both men and women.

Popular Destinations: Casablanca, Fes, Marrakesh, Rabat, Tangier


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