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Destination: Mexico

  • Travelling there: Fly direct to Mexico City’s Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX) from major cities in North America and Europe.
  • Capital city: Mexico City.
  • Population: 128.545 million.
  • Religion: Roman Catholicism.
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Currency: Mexican peso (MXN).
  • Climate: The majority of the country — its central region, comprises highland plateaus and mountains enjoying a dry, temperate climate; the rest of the country along both coasts has a hot and humid tropical climate moderated by altitude.
  • Transport: Taking a domestic flight is the quickest way to cover the country’s vast swathes. Extensive bus routes, often travelling overnight, stretch across Mexico and are convenient, comfortable, and economical. Rail services are very limited: there are just a couple of tourist routes left. Some major cities have metros supplemented by standard taxis, buses and colectivos (shared taxis). Mototaxis (rickshaws) service smaller towns and the outskirts of larger cities.
  • Best time to travel: Mexico is a year round destination. Visitors flock to the highlands in summer and the coasts in winter. December to April is peak tourist season, while the wet summer period from June to October includes hurricanes from September to mid-October. This leaves November as the best time to visit: the countryside is lush and the crowds yet to arrive.
  • What to wear: In the cities, dressing is chic, cosmopolitan and stylish. Dress modestly and cover up when visiting indigenous villages and churches. Reserve beach wear and swimwear only to the beach. A pair of sturdy walking shoes for sightseeing along the cobbled streets, and good sun protection will come in handy.
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