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Jungfrau Marathon: A World-Class Mountain Race

Event date: September 7–8, 2018
Photos by Jungfrau Marathon
Jungfrau Marathon: A World-Class Mountain Race

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As one of the best known mountain marathons in the world, Jungfrau Marathon leads runners up the Bernese Oberland section of the Swiss Alps, with panoramas of the famous Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau peaks. The race was first completed in 1993 and quickly became one for the marathon runner’s bucket list soon after.

Beginning in picturesque resort town Interlaken with a lap around the town centre, the full Jungfrau marathon of 42.2 kilometres finishes on the Kleine Scheidegg mountain pass.

The deceptively flat start makes way for an almost constant uphill climb, as runners reach their highest elevation of 2205 metres towards the 40 kilometre mark. The last kilometre of steep downhill towards the finish line is both a relief and a test of the quads.

Held every year in September, registration for this route opens in February, and the 4000 available spots are known to fill almost immediately, with a long waiting list for those who missed out.

Completing a marathon such as this is never going to be easy, regardless of running pedigree. Although it’s definitely made easier when the air is clean and the vista majestic. The Jungfrau Marathon track passes through charming villages, past waterfalls and up above the tree line in places.

Post-race, it’s time to further explore the Jungfrau region, soak in some thermal pools and discover what makes Swiss life so special.


  • Acclimatise. If entrants are concerned about how their body and mind will perform in higher altitudes, they are recommended to arrive a few days prior to race day.
  • This race offers up great spectator opportunities. Speak with race officials about when sideline cheerleaders must be in position and find out where the best spots are to both coax on racers and marvel at the scenery.
  • Involve family and friends. Big race aside, there’s also a mini-marathon of 4.2 kilometres for racing newbies, a run for kids up to 16 years old and a para-race.

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Runner dressed in a yellow singlet running past the crowd standing by a railing in the Jungfrau marathon in Switzerland
Man runningin the mountains in the Jungfrau marathon dressed in a green singlet with yellow shoes and headband
Runner in the Jungfrau marathon dressed in a white T-shirt crossing the finish line with raised arms and spectators on the sidelines, Jungfrau, Switzerland
Published on July 19, 2016
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