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Boom Festival

Event date: July 28 – August 4, 2020

Location: Idanha-A-Nova Lake, Country: Portugal


Two children chasing giant floating bubbles at Boom Festival, Portugal
Photo by Joao Curiti

Transformational festivals are growing in appeal. While Burning Man is widely known for its large-scale, dramatic temporary city in the Nevada desert, there are many other countries who also play host to alternative gatherings.

Boom Festival in Portugal is a biennial event, close to the Spanish border, and 260 kilometres from capital city Lisbon. Held during the hot, dry Portuguese summer, Boom takes up prime position beside Idanha-A-Nova lake.

Everything about this week-long affair caters to the festival goer looking for a more considered, conscientious experience. Trance dance may be a feature on the menu for those keen to party inside the open-air Dance Temple, however Boom also promises regular occurrences of film screenings, lectures, discussion panels, movement workshops, as well as lessons on topics like permaculture, cosmic awareness and shamanism.

The lake is readily available to cool off in and there are huge areas devoted to visual art exhibits. The organisers have designated quiet areas away from the dance floor intensity, and the food is healthy and delicious.

Prepare for an experience far removed from everyday life, be accepting of fellow revellers’ alternative views and it will be easy to disappear into the Boom dimension for a few days.


  • Snag tickets early and book into the Wanbli Tipi Camp. Perfect for travellers who don’t have ready access to camping equipment, the North American tipi village allows one to bring just personal belongings, with bed, sheets, pillows and other essentials supplied.
  • Refuel with an Açai cone. Sold in both the Dance Temple and the Restaurants Area, açai is a Brazilian fruit high in nutrients. At Boom the berry is served frozen like an ice cream, and comes topped with muesli.
  • Forgot something? Visit the Boom Grocery Store for fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh bread, camping gear and organic toiletries.
  • Trawl the Boom website. It’s a wealth of information that will ensure planning and logistics are pulled off easily.

Visit Boom Festival

Aerial view of the bright lights of Boomland and Idanha-A-Nova Lake
Multicoloured tent over a massive crowd filling the tent up and dancing at Boom Festival
Crowd sitting under an open-sided tent by the lake at sunset
Two tall figures on stilts with masks on at Boomland
Groups by the lake with flags fluttering in the breeze
Two giant sized installations by the lake at twilight, Boom Festival
Antler-like installations by Idanha-a-Nova Lake with a father pushing his son in a pram through them at sunset
Band playing under a multicoloured tent roof to a large crowd, Portugal
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