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Travel Guides offer practical information and helpful advice on a range of activities and destinations across the globe. This section is expanding, with new guides being added each month.
New Zealand
A 6-Day Cycling Tour of New Zealand’s East Cape

Its isolation from the rest of the North Island — out on a limb and bypassed by the major highways — means the East Cape of New Zealand is seldom found on the itineraries of…

Tongariro, New Zealand
New Zealand’s Greatest Day Hike: The Tongariro Alpine Crossing

A scarred and violent landscape — torn apart by an ancient love triangle, according to Māori legend — is the setting for the iconic Tongariro Alpine Crossing. The legend adds a deep…

Chile’s Most Scenic Hiking Trails

Chile’s vast and mountainous terrain offers spectacular trails that can be enjoyed by beginners searching for a scenic view through to expert hikers looking for a challenge. An unusually…

Visiting the Islands of the South Pacific

The essence of the South Pacific is simple: idyllic atolls and white-sand beaches lined by palm trees, razor sharp mountain peaks rising out of azure waters, and lazy days by the sea.

Rustic Luxury:
Glamping in Australia

The mid 2000s saw the emergence of two ingenious new travel terms: staycation – the joy of holidaying in your homeland – and glamping – a clever portmanteau combining…

Tanzania | Kenya | Uganda
Going on Safari in East Africa

It’s been over a century since the first Europeans flocked to Africa to undertake the trip of a lifetime. Safari, a Swahili word meaning ‘long journey’, is now part of everyday Western…

Corsica, France
Hiking the GR20 Trail in Corsica

Located 11 kilometres north of Sardinia and 80 kilometres from the Italian mainland, the French territory of Corsica offers adventurous hikers an irresistible combination of scenery and…

Rwanda | Uganda
King of the Jungle:
Gorilla Trekking in Central Africa

Stand in the presence of one of Earth’s most critically endangered animals. Gorilla trekking leaves individuals with a profound sense of awe, having assisted in the species’ preservation…

Thailand | Bahamas
Life Aquatic:
Learn to Freedive

Ever tried to hold a single breath for as long as possible? The premise of freediving is simple — one breath, one dive — and the act is not shy of mental challenge or physical endurance.…


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