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Russia: A Voyage into Ecotourism

Shane Feyers, Research Fellow at Yale University, takes an enlightening journey into Russia’s untouched countryside, which seems set to become Eastern Europe’s newest destination hot…

Abandoned Places: Once Loved Then Left Behind

It seems that some of the most alluring destinations are those where humanity does not cluster. Perhaps we feel as though we can return home from such places with quiet memories tucked…

Vladimir — Russia

The work of medieval stone masons provides visual delight while sightseeing in Vladimir, Russia...


Breaking the Mercury: Hottest and Coldest Places on Earth

From deserts to ice sheets, the temperature rises and drops as we journey through the hottest and coldest places on Earth.

The Ice Run

Invasive cold, remote territory and a temperamental piece of cold-war engineering make up the basis of Ice Run, an annual race hosted by off-beat travel company The Adventurists. Teams of…

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