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The Ice Run

2020 TBC

Location: Lake Baikal, Siberia, Country: Russia

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Photos by The Adventurists

Lone bike on the Ice Run, Siberia

Invasive cold, remote territory and a temperamental piece of cold-war engineering make up the basis of Ice Run, an annual race hosted by off-beat travel company The Adventurists. Teams of two riders navigate frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia, which offers up a surface of over 31,000 square kilometres and a full range of riding surfaces. The motorcycles are not to be relied on either, with a high likelihood of breakdowns, or collisions with hidden tombstones of ice. Getting the old bikes to the designated fuel drops and then across the finish line is as challenging as the environment itself. But for those with a soft spot for adventure, and a certain resilience to cold, the extreme nature of this race is what makes it so completely memorable.


  • Make the most of the support stage. The first three days of the ice run are led under the watchful eye of The Adventurists’ ground crew. Competitors learn about bike maintenance, ice survival and navigation.
  • Don’t over-estimate personal ability. Entrants need a lot of motorcycling experience and the skill level to take on a variety of terrain. Some cold-weather camping experience at minus 20 degrees Celsius wouldn’t hurt either.

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Lone bike on the Ice Run, Siberia
Lone bike and two riders with snowy mountains in the distance
Blue sidecar and two riders and baggage traversing the icy frozen lake
Two bikes heading towards trees in a snowbank on the Ice Run
Tents in the snow with bikes parked close by
Two men, their bike and their supplies parked on the ice in Siberia
Two people on a bike with sidecar racing through the snow at Lake Baikal
Setting sun casting an orange glow over the snowy landscape
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