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Walking the Samaria Gorge in Crete

Known locally as Farangas or Great Gorge, Samaria Gorge is a 16-kilometre hike that winds through one of the longest and most striking gorges in Europe, within Crete’s only…

Travel Guides
Taranaki Mountain Trek: The Pouakai Crossing

On the western tip of New Zealand’s North Island lies the quietly picturesque region of Taranaki. Garnering attention as a hub for the arts, world-class events and unspoilt natural beauty,…

Complete Nepal with Trekking in Pokhara

This tour is a showcase all of Nepal’s highlights: trekking in the lap of the Himalayas, visiting the birthplace of Lord Buddha, lively historic Kathmandu, peaceful lakeside Pokhara, and…

Tiger’s Nest & Druk Path Trekking Tour

Discover the dramatic setting of the Tiger’s Nest Temple. Take the most popular trekking route along the Druk Path between 2400-4200 metres with stunning landscapes ranging from mountain…

Classic Nepal Holiday with Easy Hike and Wildlife

Discover the amazing diversity of Nepal including two days spent on safari in the jungle. In lively Kathmandu, visit Patan Durbar Square with its imposing, UNESCO-certified monuments and…

Villages of the Balagne Self-Guided Walk

This tour is a perfect introduction to walking in Corsica. Travelling between hill and coastal villages, explore this beautiful region, the garden of Corsica, from L’Ile Rousse to Calvi on…

Corte to Calvi Self-Guided Walk

Classic hiking in the heart of the Corsican mountains and coastal walking at Calvi. The holiday starts in Corté with a visit to the historic citadel and the river gorges of this high…

GR20 North Self-Guided Walk

The GR20 North is a heady trail. Starting in Vizzavona it offers continuous steep ascents and descents, and the ambience is strictly alpine. Part of an exceptional long distance walk reputed…

GR20 South Self-Guided Walk

The GR20 South offers fantastic scenery following the high granite barrier of mountains that form the natural boundary between the two regions of Corsica. Corsica Aventure reserves your…

GR20 South to North Self-Guided Walk

The GR20 is a legendary trek and the ultimate GR in Europe, if not the world. Crossing iconic peaks with truly breathtaking views from Bavella to Asco, Corsica Aventure reserves your…

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