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Palio di Siena

Palio Di Siena is a bareback horse race like no other. It celebrates fierce rivalries, daredevil horsemanship and gallantry while triggering big crowd fervour and raw emotion. A decision to…

Altitude Comedy Festival

Self-proclaimed as the “funniest show on snow”, the Altitude Comedy Festival combines two fantastic activities, skiing and laughing, into one tidy alpine package. With five days of…

Stonehenge Summer Solstice

Want to stand in the presence of a broken circle of stone that nods to our neolithic past? Stonehenge, otherwise known as a collection of intriguing rock formations sitting in the English…

Simon Beck and the Art of Snowcraft

Beck’s working relationship with snow began when he bought an apartment in Arc2000, a ski resort in France. He recalls that when the ski lifts closed “one fine day in December 2004,”…

Christmas in the Happiest Kingdom of Them All

In search of a simple, traditional Christmas, Michael Hooper crosses the planet to the 57th parallel, drawing uncomfortably close to the Arctic Circle, Santa Claus Village, frostbite and the…


Masks can disguise and deceive, charm and captivate, entertain and entice. What makes masks so enigmatic? Is it the element of disguise and intrigue, or a connotation of other-worldliness?…

In Cold Pursuit

The walls of my dust-covered tent shook like a toy lost in the desolate landscape, while winds screamed like an angry dragon across endless black sands. The shriek brewed with my feelings of…

Greenland: The Kingdom of Ice and Wolves

“Now that’s one view I never tire of,” says our Danish captain as the first wicked black peaks of Greenland come into sight far below. In a rare opportunity in post 9-11 aviation,…

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