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Must-Haves for the Eco Traveller

From boom boxes made of wood to magical pens that zap water clean, we present a selection of eco friendly travel companions that make life as a conscious traveller a little easier. 

Finca Bellavista: A Tree House Community

Finca Bellavista offers its guests and permanent community an unparalleled opportunity to live off the beaten track.

Pierre Frolla: An Invitation to Protect the World under Water

A world-champion freediver who considers himself half fish, half human, sheds light on freediving beyond competition, opening our eyes to an experience and environment that is anything but…

Mateo Hogan: Off the Grid — In the Jungle

What does it really take to live in the treetops in the world's most diverse eco-system? Mateo Hogan, co-founder of a self-sustaining tree house community in Costa Rica, talks about the…

Discovering Daintree: A Rainforest 180 Million Years Old

It’s almost dark; the final rays of gold are streaming through the gaps in the trees, casting long shadows on the mossy forest floor, where nothing moves. The air is rife with the long,…

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