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Must-Haves for the Eco Traveller

Must-Haves for the Eco Traveller

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From boom boxes made of wood to magical pens that zap water clean, we present a selection of eco friendly travel companions that make life as a conscious traveller a little easier. 


USB Cell: Charge Up on the Go 

USB Cell

Say hello to revolutionary rechargeable AA batteries. USB Cell has done away with the unsightly wall charger and brings us an AA battery that recharges when plugged into any USB port. Even better, this cool new battery lasts up to 500 charge cycles. It’s time to wave goodbye to disposables, saving the world from the toxic runoff from the 15 billion batteries that are discarded each year. 

SleepDrops: Defying Timezones 


The SleepDrops range is a synergistic blend of natural ingredients that helps us relax, sleep and adjust to new time zones. Formulated by a naturopathic sleep specialist, SleepDrops offers an easy mix and match’ day and night system to help soothe an overactive mind, calm a frazzled nervous system, support energy levels and target stress. 

Bag of Rhythm: Party on our Shoulder 

Bag of Rhythm

Sometimes we forget the ways of the past. Remember back when it was cool to carry a boom box on our shoulders, inviting the world to experience the music of our choice? House of Marley’s Bag of Rhythm is a blast from the past, injected with all the luxuries of modern technology whilst remaining environmentally friendly. The bag is made of canvas and the boom box of recycled plastic and FSC-certified wood. 

SteriPEN: Zap that Water Clean 

Steri Pen

There’s no need to make that travel horror story a reality. Every travellers best buddy, one can carry a SteriPEN with them wherever they go and take comfort in the fact that they will always be drinking safe water. SteriPEN’s UV light technology eliminates over 99.9 per cent of bacteria, viruses and protozoa that cause water-borne illness. With the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal, we can be sure that SteriPEN will do the job. 

Freeloader Classic: Solar Love 

Freeloader Classic Hub

Introducing the new star of the solar mobile charging world: sleek and robust, covered in a hard-wearing and stylish aluminium skin, the Freeloader Classic has super powerful solar panels and is capable of powering an iPod or iPhone for 18 hours, a smartphone for 44 hours, a PSP or DS for 2.5 hours, and an iPad for 2 hours. The inbuilt LCD data panel provides useful information about battery level, power input and connectivity. Supplied with nine connector tips including the new micro USB and a USB socket, Freeloader Classic is ready for action straight from the box. 

Vapur: The Anti-bottle 

Vapur Reusable Water Bottle

Fold it, wash it, re-use it, freeze it, clip it the anti-bottle does it all. Active travellers, look no further: one can take the Vapur bottle climbing mountains, swimming oceans and jumping off planes just fold and go. BPA-free and FDA-approved polyethythene make this a keen green bottle. Oh, and let’s not forget they are also quite stylish; select any colour of the rainbow or opt for a trendy design from the artist series. 

Published on October 25, 2016
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