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Setting Sail in Abel Tasman National Park

This January, whilst New Zealand was being attacked by unseasonable wild storms, four intrepid travellers decided to take to the sea. Fortunately, the voyage was along the north coast of the…

History of a Legend: Cruising the Philippines

In June 2017, the most travelled ship of the Royal Caribbean fleet changes her name and starts a new life. On a trip from Hong Kong to Singapore, Michael Hooper discovers what makes a…

Cruising New Zealand

Even after 20 years in the Royal Navy, my father would get seasick if someone swirled the ice in a cocktail glass. If the acorn does not fall far from the tree, my career choice as a cruise…

South Island, New Zealand: A Night in the Sound

There are few places in the world that remain unscathed by man. Doubtful Sound, Fiordland, is one of them. Still, serene and inaccessible by road, it is no wonder the majestic fiords are…

Antarctica: The Coldest Continent

With steam billowing from my mouth and snow up to my knees, I summit the small hill on the largest of Antarctica's Aitcho Islands to a round of gurgling applause from the local gentoo…

Lake of Life: Cruising Tonlé Sap and the Mekong River

As the last brushstrokes of day fade on the horizon, darkness falls quickly on Cambodia’s Tonlé Sap, as if a giant vacuum has sucked up all the light, leaving only inky darkness…

Under the Midnight Sun

The ship’s horn roars and bellows, the sound booming and dancing its way down the narrow valley, echoing off ancient stone walls and filling every weather-worn crag and cranny. It lingers…

Living Afloat: Sausalito and San Francisco Bay

I have been repeatedly warned that as soon as I cross the bridge, it will be 20 degrees warmer. The incredibly helpful staff at the Four Seasons, while assisting me in planning my day trip…

Weight and Sea

The giant creature rolls to one side and slowly lifts its tail, pain in its eyes. It gasps for air and finally falls back onto the deck. The morning fitness class at sea is demanding.

Bangkok: Back to the River

I start my 72 hours in Bangkok as I mean to go on. I ignore the taxis waiting patiently outside Wat Saket, the city’s ‘Golden Mount’, and seek out the ‘water bus’ which departs…

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