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Destination: Vanuatu

  • Travelling there: Fly into Bauerfield International Airport (VLI) in Port Vila on the island of Efate from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia, and the Solomon Islands.
  • Capital city: Port Vila.
  • Population: 270,369.
  • Religion: The majority are Christian.
  • Language: English, French and Bislama.
  • Currency: Vanuatu vatu (VUV).
  • Climate: A tropical maritime climate with uniform temperatures, high humidity and variable rainfall. There are two seasons; the cold and dry season from May to October and the hot and wet, cyclone season from November to April.
  • Transport: Domestic flights cover most of the archipelago and there are charter flights available too. The road system is quite undeveloped and privately owned minibuses without fixed schedules and taxis are the chief means of transport. There are a number of car rental companies that hire out a variety of vehicles.
  • Best time to travel: The best time would be the cooler, dry season (May to October) with comfortable temperatures and without the danger of cyclones and storms. The sea is great for swimming all year round as its temperatures stay warm and constant through the year.
  • What to wear: Lightweight casual clothing with a sweater for cooler evenings.

Top Destinations: Efate, Espiritu Santo, Gaua, Pentecost Island, Port Vila


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