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Destination: Kyrgyzstan

  • Travelling there: Fly into Bishkek's Manas International Airport (FRU) on direct flights from Moscow, Istanbul, India and Dubai. It is also possible to train in from Moscow.
  • Capital city: Bishkek.
  • Population: 6.033 million.
  • Religion: The vast majority is Sunni Muslim followed by Christians.
  • Language: Kyrgyz and Russian.
  • Currency: Kyrgyzstan Som (KGS).
  • Climate: A continental climate with cold, frosty winters and scorchingly hot, sunny summers in the valleys but somewhat cooler in the mountains.
  • Transport: Marshrutkas (minibuses) and shared taxis are inexpensive and readily accessible everywhere. The train network is quite limited due to the mountainous terrain.
  • Best time to travel: The summer months from May to October are the most pleasant, with trekking best done between June and September. July and August are peak tourist months. If going for the skiing, December to March are the months to go in but travel around the country can be difficult in winter.
  • What to wear: Do dress for the weather. Dressing in the larger cities tends to be more cosmopolitan than the countryside.

Popular Destinations: Bishkek, Cholpon-Ata, Karakol, Kochkor, Toktogul


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