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Complete Nepal with Trekking in Pokhara

This tour is a showcase all of Nepal’s highlights: trekking in the lap of the Himalayas, visiting the birthplace of Lord Buddha, lively historic Kathmandu, peaceful lakeside Pokhara, and…

Wildlife and Cultural Tour of Nepal

From soaring mountains to dense jungle, this journey is an exhilarating adventure across Nepal, whose wild and rich cultural tapestry will gradually unveil itself as you gaze upon a living…

Ecotourism: What on Earth Is It?

‘Ecotourism’ is a wonderful term, full of promise. But it’s also the kind of handy terminology that’s open to interpretation and therefore misuse.

Wide Wild World

From deserts and tundra to cliffs and glaciers, rainforest and woodlands, we visit the wildest landscapes around the globe.

Safaricom Marathon: Run Wild Through Kenya

Run wild through Kenya in the annual Tusk Fund Safaricom Marathon. The race is held at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, who heavily guard and watch over the wildlife within 25,000 hectares of…

Discovering Daintree: A Rainforest 180 Million Years Old

It’s almost dark; the final rays of gold are streaming through the gaps in the trees, casting long shadows on the mossy forest floor, where nothing moves. The air is rife with the long,…

Cruising Galápagos: The Land Before Time

Despite boasting some of the planet’s youngest terrain, there is a sense of the ancient about the Galápagos Islands, a remote and fragile chain of barren volcanic peaks jutting from the…


Survey the culture, beauty and wildlife of Southern Africa...

This is Uganda

An intimate journey through Uganda, from national parks and city streets to a profound experience in the rainforest

Laikipia — Kenya

At the foothills of Mt Kenya, Laikipia Wildlife Forum opens its arms to adventurers…

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