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Stopover in the Sounds of Khasab

As we wind along the Khasab coastal road, we pass an oasis of palm groves and villages where man-made stone walls complement the layers of rock, before pulling to an abrupt stop. Having been…

Wonders of Iran

Experience the delights of the ancient Persian Empire on our 18 day tour to Iran. Discover what we already know — Iran is not only extremely rich in Persian culture but is so many things…

Rhythm of the Desert: Jordan’s Wadi Rum

I have seen and heard much about the spectacle of Wadi Rum’s amazing technicolour sandscape, but turning off Jordan’s main highway into the desert, I still can’t quite believe my eyes.…

Jordan: An Unfolding Movie

From Petra and Wadi Rum to Amman and the Dead Sea, travel to the cinematic landscape of Jordan offers experiences of healing, history and pilgrimage.

Alastair Humphreys: Five Continents on a Push Bike

Destinations caught up with National Geographic Adventurer of the year, Alastair Humphreys to see what he was up to and talk adventures, big and small.

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