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Rhythm of the Desert: Jordan’s Wadi Rum

I have seen and heard much about the spectacle of Wadi Rum’s amazing technicolour sandscape, but turning off Jordan’s main highway into the desert, I still can’t quite believe my eyes.…

Alive in the Amazon

Boy Scouts didn’t prepare me for this: reef knots and immolating sausages are not adequate preparation for the depths of the Amazon rainforest. The world's largest jungle has survived for…

On the Trail: The Oregon Coast

Here at Destinations Magazine, we’re conscious that places aren’t experienced in isolation: it’s about the journey, too. In the second of a four-part series exploring the…

Chris McCandless: An Adventure That Never Died

In today’s world, where constant connectedness is increasingly the norm, it has never been more timely to consider those who have chosen a ‘wilder’, less conventional existence. Those…

White Christmas: Skiing in the French and Swiss Alps

We travelled 19,000 kilometres to meet up with our young ones for the White Christmas and Northern Hemisphere family ski holiday we had fantasised about for many years but never really…

Death and Adornment: Julia deVille

Taxidermy artist and jeweller Julia deVille finds beauty in places many would consider morbid. Her interest in taxidermy was piqued “the moment I discovered it was something you could…

Dance in the Deep: Best Gear for Water-Based Activities

Water-based activities are often at the centre of a fun holiday. Here's a selection of products that are perfect for those days at the beach.

Australia by Train: The Ghan and Indian Pacific

Australia is big. On this majestic continent, travelling by train turns those long journeying hours into a pleasant rhythm of scenery, dining and socialising. Hypnotising horizons,…

Patagonia’s Last Wild Horses

Since 1540, horses have adapted to the raw and arid lands of Patagonia, an extensive and empty region increasingly affected by human intervention. Now, there are few locations sufficiently…

Antarctica: The Coldest Continent

With steam billowing from my mouth and snow up to my knees, I summit the small hill on the largest of Antarctica's Aitcho Islands to a round of gurgling applause from the local gentoo…

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