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West Timor — Fit for a King

A regal encounter wasn’t something I was anticipating from my visit to West Timor, but a royal audience with a bonafide king turned out to be a somewhat surreal but very genuine highlight…

Bali Asli: A Taste of the Real Bali

We do not speak the same language, but the genuine warmth radiating from the older woman’s wide, open smile, reaching upwards to the corners of her eyes, requires no translation.

Spiritual Sustenance: Java Is Calling

When he arrived in Indonesia’s Java, British Statesman Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles rediscovered an ancient civilisation, and a forgotten Buddhist temple that went on to be crowned the…


Exploring Wonderful Indonesia

Aerial Love — Bali, Indonesia

We take an aerial look at the beauty of Bali.

Tectonic Tantrums

Over lava fields and into the depths, we profile some of the most spectacular – and spectacularly destructive – volcanoes across the globe.

A New Wave: Surf and Sustainability on Aceh’s Simeulue

Aceh — the province that sits atop the infamous Indonesian island of Sumatra — entered the imaginations of most of the world following the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. After…

Island of the Fire Gods

It’s one thing to drink organic single origin tea from some far-off land. But it’s another to drink the brew of freshly plucked leaves, only feet from the plantation in which they grew.…

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