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Live Like an Argentine Cowboy

Want to immerse yourself in nature while riding horseback across a river at sunset? It's time to explore Argentina beyond Buenos Aires with this multi-day immersion into the authentic gaucho…

The Ultimate Tango Experience

Perfect for a couple looking for a night out, this tour will take you step by step through the basics of the tango. Start with private dance lessons; then, your local guide will take you to…

Five Months in South America

Follow two adventurers as they embark on a five-month foray through South America...

Buenos Aires: Twists, Turns and Tango

Argentine tango is famous for being one of the most evocative and passionate dances in the world. Synonymous with tango is the city of Buenos Aires; the heart, soul and birthplace of the…

Walking the Walk: Tango in the Barrios of Buenos Aires

No matter which country or culture we visit, everyone shares a bodily structure that makes us fundamentally human. From the moment we are born, we instinctively reach out into the world and…

Chile and Argentina

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