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Vatican City

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Destination: Vatican City

  • Travelling there: Once in Rome, the metro connects to a couple of stations just outside the Vatican walls; Ottaviano-San Pietro and Cipro-Musei Vaticani.
  • Capital city: Vatican City.
  • Population: 451.
  • Religion: Roman Catholic.
  • Language: Italian, Latin.
  • Currency: Euro (EUR).
  • Climate: Vatican City's climate is the same as Rome's: temperate and mediterranean. Mild temperatures and rain through winter and hot, dry summers.
  • Transport: Once there, walk everywhere.
  • Best time to travel: If wishing peace and quiet while admiring the art and architecture of the city, the winter months are the least crowded. Otherwise most times tour groups and those hoping to “beat the line” arrive early morning, so the Vatican Museums can be less crowded in the afternoon.
  • What to wear: When visiting the Vatican Museums all visitors male and female should wear as a minimum, clothing that covers both their shoulders and knees.
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