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Travelling thereFly into Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport (DIL) in capital city Dili on regular flights from Bali, Singapore and Australia — Darwin is just over an hour away. Driving in from West Timor in air-conditioned mini-buses is also an option but is a 12-hour trip.
Capital cityDili.
Population1.261 million.
ReligionThe majority is Catholic.
LanguagePortuguese and Tetun.
CurrencyUnited States Dollar (USD).
ClimateA hot tropical climate with several micro-climes depending on the terrain and elevation. The dry season is from May to November and the wet season, December to April. The country is more lush and green in the south.
TransportThe main routes are serviced by buses. The more rugged and isolated interior is covered by microlets (mini-buses), bemos (vans) and anggunas (trucks carrying passengers and cargo) as well as ojeks (motorcycle taxis carrying pillion passengers).Taxis are aplenty but mostly limit themselves to plying daylight hours. Taking a flight on the few scheduled routes or chartering a flight can reduce travel time.There are boats and ferries to the outlying islands.
Best time to travelDependant on the activities planned, diving and trekking is best between May to November. The best fishing is between November and March with dolphin and whale viewing from October to December. Bird watching is a year-round activity.
What to wearDress modestly especially in the districts, and in lightweight, breathable fabrics to suit the climate.

Popular Destinations: Dili, Jaco Island, Maliana, Nino Konis Santana National Park, Tutuala


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