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Destination: Monaco

  • Travelling there: There are several ways to reach Monaco, despite there being no international airport. Fly into the nearest airport — the Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport (NCE) on the French Riviera, about 22 kilometres from Monaco — and bus, drive or take a helicopter into Monaco. Otherwise arrive by train from several European cities or boat.
  • Capital city: Monaco.
  • Population: 37,614.
  • Religion: Roman Catholic.
  • Language: French.
  • Currency: Euro (EUR).
  • Climate: Temperate with sunny, dry summers and mild winters.
  • Transport: Walk! The total landmass of Monaco is 2.02 square kilometres. There are buses to all tourist attractions.
  • Best time to travel: One time not to visit is during the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix in May — no viewpoint is accessible without a ticket and all prices soar to ridiculous levels. Spring and autumn, especially April and October are good times as the weather is still pleasant though with the increased possibility of rain, and non-peak season prices
  • What to wear: Sightseeing or walking the streets of Monaco casual, or rather the upper end of casual is fine. The casinos generally allow casual dress during the day except men are not allowed to wear shorts, tennis shoes, or open-toed footwear like sandals or flip flops. Women can wear open-toed sandals, but not flip flops or sports shoes. A higher standard is required for the upmarket casinos and eateries.
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