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Travelling thereFly into Lithuania’s largest airport Vilnius International Airport (VNO) or the smaller Kaunas (KUN) or Palanga (PLQ) International Airports from London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Helsinki. Arrive by road or rail from neighbouring countries. Ferry in from Denmark, Sweden or Germany.
Capital cityVilnius.
Population2.823 million.
ReligionPredominantly Roman Catholic.
CurrencyEuro (EUR).
ClimateA humid continental climate with warm summers and severe winters. Heavy snowfall is common in winter. Spring and autumn are quite mild. Rain happens through the year with the heaviest downpours occurring in August.
TransportThe larger cities of Vilnius and Kaunas have extensive public transport systems of buses and trolley buses but not rail. All other cities are reliant on buses. Car rentals are easy to come by and their four-lane highways connecting the major cities are among the best in Europe. Inter-city rail is not the most extensive but there are some places that are better reached by train than road.
Best time to travelJune to August are the warmest and also peak tourist months. Going in the slightly cooler shoulder months of May and September would mean fewer crowds and cheaper accommodation. Bird watching is at its best from April to May and September to October.
What to wearTemperatures can vary a lot so packing layers is best. An umbrella and a raincoat is essential as well as some insect repellant.
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