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Travelling thereNearly all major European airlines have flights to Israel. Most visitors will arrive at Ben-Gurion International Airport (TLV), Israel’s main port. It is 50 kilometres northwest of Jerusalem and 18 kilometres southeast of central Tel Aviv.
Capital cityJerusalem.
Population8.178 million.
ReligionPredominantly Jewish. Muslims are the second majority.
LanguageHebrew and Arabic are the official languages of Israel.
CurrencyIsraeli new shekel (ILS).
ClimateIsrael’s climate is subtropical, being located between the temperate zone and the tropical zone. The northern and coastal regions of Israel have a Mediterranean climate characterised by long, warm dry summers and mild, rainy winters.
TransportIsrael is a small country, and it is therefore easy to get from one place to another in a relatively short time. Transportation is primarily private motor vehicles and bus services, but there is an expanding railway network.
Best time to travelMay. It has great weather — lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures — no crowds and absolutely stunning landscapes.
What to wearIsrael (Tel Aviv especially) is liberal when it comes to clothing. People can wear anything they would wear in any other hot Mediterranean resort. But consideration must be made in East Jerusalem and in Jewish orthodox neighbourhoods (e.g. Mea Shearim) or places of worship; dress modestly, with long skirts and loose, long-sleeved blouses.

Popular Destinations: Galilee, Jerusalem, Makhtesh Ramon, Mount Carmel, Tel Aviv


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