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Destination: Denmark

  • Travelling there: Fly into Copenhagen Airport (CPH), the country's main airport which is serviced by all major international airline operators. Denmark shares a land border with Germany and is also connected to Sweden via the Øresund Bridge.
  • Capital city: Copenhagen.
  • Population: 5.691 million.
  • Religion: Christian.
  • Language: Danish.
  • Currency: Danish krone (DKK).
  • Climate: Denmark has a temperate climate moderated by the warm Gulf Stream and characterised by mild winters, and cool summers. Rainfall levels are even and constant throughout the year. It has the least extreme climate of the Scandinavian countries.
  • Transport: Long distances can be covered by plane, train, bus or car. In all cities and towns, cycling is a common mode of transport.
  • Best time to travel: Visit during summer in June, July and August, which have the warmest weather and the countryside is blooming. Tourist facilities and transport services are also fully operational during this period.
  • What to wear: The day may start out beautiful, but can quickly become overcast, cold, windy and wet. Be prepared for these conditions, even during the summer months.
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