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Destination: Bulgaria

  • Travelling there: Getting there: Fly into Bulgaria’s four international airports: Sofia (SOF), Varna (VAR), Bourgas (BOJ), and Plovdiv (PDV). International trains and buses also provide a large number of routes into the country.
  • Capital city: Sofia.
  • Population: 7.107 million.
  • Religion: Predominantly Bulgarian Orthodox.
  • Language: Bulgarian.
  • Currency: Bulgarian lev (BGN).
  • Climate: Bulgaria has a temperate continental climate with hot and dry summers, snowy and cold winters and four very distinct seasons. The southeast coast and valleys are warmer with influences from the Mediterranean. The rest of its lowlands and plains are moderate continental with the mountains experiencing alpine conditions.
  • Transport: Most Bulgarian towns have cheap and extensive public bus services that also provide inter-city transport, however, they tend to be quite crowded. Sofia has a metro and minibuses that are more shared taxis, that along with standard taxis, feed the suburbs from the city centre. Trolleybuses operate in several cities. Boat and hydrofoils service the Danube and the Black Sea coast but are dearer than buses.
  • Best time to travel: From the end of spring to the start of autumn (May to September) for lots of sunshine hours and warm evenings. Bear in mind this is high season as well. If skiing, December to April is best.
  • What to wear: Dress for the weather. The coast and lower inland areas do get reasonably warm in summer, so tend towards lightweight clothes. Good warm clothes are necessary for the freezing winters with rain protection required all year round.
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